Tivoli Bath Rugs

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Lid Cover
elongated toilet seat cover
Price: $33.99
18.5x19.7 in
47x50 cm

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Medium Bath Rug
small bath rug
Price: $34.99
19.7x23.6 in
50x60 cm

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Large Bath Rug
Price: $49.99
23.6x35.4 in
60x90 cm

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Extra Large Bath Rug
extra large bath rug
Price: $59.99
27.6x47.2 in
70x120 cm

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Tivoli Bath Rug

  • Contemporary bath rugs with a geometric block pattern and organic lines across the design.
  • High quality, dense, very soft medium pile 20mm / .79in rug.
  • Designed and produced by well-known German brand Kleine Wolke, established in 1968, and is backed by their quality guarantee.. Individually tufted by hand and made of long wearing, durable polyacrylic yarn.
  • Unique non slip backing. See non slip backing details below.
  • Machine wash and dry. See rug care details below.

Color Options and Descriptions:
  • Brandy: A range of four orange tones dark burnt orange - brandy, deep orange, medium tone orange and light orange. The organic lines match the lightest tone in the rug.
    Coordinated Lid Cover: Solid Brandy -the darkest color in this rug design.

  • Clover Green:This medium pile contemporary rug in clover green has a range of four soft yellow green tones from a dark to light yellow green. The organic lines match the lightest tone in the rug.
    Coordinated Lid Cover: Solid Clover Green - the darkest tone in the rug.

  • Royal Blue: Beautiful blue tones in this very affordable contemporary rug. Blues range from a deep royal blue to medium tone and light blues. The organic lines match the lightest tone in the rug.
    Coordinated Lid Cover: Solid Royal Blue - the darkest color in the rug.

Rug Fiber Qualities:
  • Exceptionally soft, polyacrylic yarn
  • Good warmth retention
  • Mildew proof
  • Very durable
  • Easy care polyacrylic yarn

Elongated Lid Cover:
  • Elongated lid cover for the Tivoli design is a solid color and is coordinated with the darkest tone in the design.
  • If your elongated lid is at least 17 inches long and no more than 18.5 inches long our elongated lid covers will work for you. They have a drawstring design allowing the lid cover to conform to your toilet lid.

Unique Non Slip Backing:
  • Non slip latex rubber backing
  • No plasticizer in the rubber backing which means a very durable rubber backing, resistant to cracking from washing and regular care
  • Latex rubber coating provides great non slip properties

Rug Care:
  • Easy care cleans very well
  • Machine wash warm 86F 30C, using colorfast, mild action detergent
  • Hang or tumble dry
  • Do not iron, bleach or dry clean

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