Classic Bath Rug Collection

Classic designs that will look amazing in your bathroom for years to come. Look no further! We have extra large bath rugs size at 59 inches in length. Looking for a 5ft long bathroom rug we have a number of designs with this size option. Our rugs are designed and produced in Germany. Simply select your favorite design below to see the color options and learn more about how easy it is to care for these classic designs.

Color icons on this page shown below products are intended as a general guide not a preview of the actual color, see product pages for specific shades/images and more information.

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Relax Custom Bath Rugs
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Relax Bath Rugs
Wave Bath Rugs
Caro Bath Rugs
Lounge Shag Bath Rug
Palace Bath Rugs
Toilet Rugs
Ocean Bath Rugs
Crystal Bath Rugs
Bilbao Bath Rugs
Bamboo Bath Rug
Live Bath Rugs
Rumba Bath Rugs
Shadow Bath Rug
Idyll Bath Rugs
Cadiz Bath Rugs
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