Elongated Lid Covers

Our entire collection of elongated toilet seat lid covers are designed for elongated toilet lids.

This is possible due to the design. A draw string is used to adjust the cover to fit securely to the shape of your elongated toilet lid.

All our elongated lid covers are 18.5 inches wide by 19.7 inches long. This is the dimension of the lid cover material in our collection.

SIZING TIP: If your elongated toilet lid is 17 inches long and no more than 18.5 inches long our toilet seat covers will work for you.

Click here to view and purchase our Vita Futura elongated lid covers.

How to install elongated lid covers with a draw string

Pull the draw strings a bit before putting the lid cover on.

pull draw strings

This should allow you to slip on the lid cover with the majority on top of the lid and the part with the draw strings and some extra material around the edges and underneath the lid.

fit on lid

Once in place, tighten the strings to fit the lid, tuck the excess strings underneath the lid cover (on top of the lid).

tie draw string

That's it. Your lid cover is now installed

all done