Luxury Bath Rugs

Our luxury bath rugs are European designed and individually machine tuft by hand. We offer extra large sizes that are hard to find, round rugs, contour rugs and coordinated toilet seat covers in many luxurious styles. Our luxury rugs are designed to be plush with soft high piles. Simply select your favorite design below to learn more about style and color options including how easy it is to care for these luxury bathroom rugs.

Color icons on this page shown below products are intended as a general guide not a preview of the actual color, see product pages for specific shades/images and more information.

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Relax Custom Bath Rugs
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Relax Bath Rugs
Vanessa Bath Rugs
Caro Bath Rugs
Padova Bath Rugs
Ocean Bath Rugs
Palace Bath Rugs
Lounge Shag Bath Rug
Toilet Rugs
Excelsior Bath Rugs
Caracas Bath Rug
Funky Bath Rugs
Verona Bath Rugs
Mona Bath Rug
Mix Bath Rugs
Indiana Bathroom Rug
Vamonte Bath Rugs
Bilbao Bath Rugs
Bamboo Bath Rug
Live Bath Rugs
Campus Bath Rugs
Loop Bath Rugs
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