Uni De Luxe Bath Rugs

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Uni de Luxe Bath Rug

  • Luxury rug very plush high pile rug 30mm / 1.18in. Individually tufted and made of long wearing, durable polyacrylic yarn.
  • Classic, elegant design
  • Designed and produced by well-known German brand Kleine Wolke, established in 1968, and is backed by their quality guarantee.
  • Unique non slip backing. See backing details below.
  • Machine wash and dry. See rug care details below.

Rug Fiber Qualities:
  • Exceptionally soft, polyacrylic yarn
  • Good warmth retention
  • Mildew proof
  • Very durable
  • Easy care polyacrylic yarn

Elongated Lid Cover:
  • Uni de Luxe elongated lid covers are a solid color and coordinate with the color in each rug swatch.
  • If your elongated lid is at least 17 inches long and no more than 18.5 inches long our elongated lid covers will work for you. They have a drawstring design allowing the lid cover to conform to your toilet lid.

Unique Non Slip Backing:
  • Non slip clear latex applied to woven rug backing
  • Durable, resilient backing, resistant to cracking from washing and regular care
  • Unique latex application process provides non slip properties on most surfaces

Rug Care:
  • Easy care cleans very well
  • Machine wash warm 86F 30C, using colorfast, mild action detergent
  • Hang or tumble dry
  • Do not iron, bleach or dry clean

Closeout Details:
  • Limited quantities all sizes and colors subject to availability.
  • Closeouts are final sale items
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