Trixy Bath Accessories

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Replacement Pump head
Price: $8.99

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modern bathroom accessories
Price: $14.99
W 2.6xH 4.25 in
6.6x10.6 cm

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Soap Dispenser
bathroom soap dispenser
Price: $19.99
W 2.6xL 5.2 in
6.6x13.2 cm

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Soap Dish
W 3.0xL 4.25in
Price: $12.99
W 3.0xL 4.25 in
7.6x10.8 cm

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Toilet Brush Set
W 4.2xH 14.0in
Price: $21.99
W 4.2xH 14.0 in
10.7x35.5 cm

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Trixy Acrylic Bath Accessories

Unique modern bathroom accessories. The trixy acrylic bath accessories resist breaking and will add a splash of color to any bathroom. All the pieces have a modern tapered design.

These accessories are made of durable acrylic.

Designed and produced by well-known German brand Kleine Wolke, established in 1968, and is backed by their quality guarantee..

Available Sizes:
  • Tumbler: Tapered design with the same color inside and out is great as a tumbler or toothbrush holder.
  • Soap Dispenser: Durable shiny chrome pump head attaches to the tapered of the soap dispenser.
  • Soap Dish: This rectangular dish shown has a solid color on all sides of the dish.
  • Toilet Brush Set: The toilet brush set continues with the tapered modern design. The brush head is hidden inside with a shiny chrome handle.

Color Options:
  • Black: Just stunning. High gloss black acrylic finish.
  • Ruby Red: Bright fire engine red bath accessory with shiny finish.
  • Orange: Very bright orange with high gloss finish. The same color is on the inside and outside of this design.
  • Green Apple: Bright granny smith apple color. The finish is high gloss and the acrylic material is great for the bath and resists breaking if dropped.
  • Marine Blue: Stunning blue tone with high gloss finish.
  • Snow White: Simply elegant bright shiny white.
  • Taupe: Deep elegant taupe brown.

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