Universal Corner Rail

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RIDDER Corner Rod Kit .98in / 25mm Diameter Universal Corner Rail
RIDDER Corner Rod Kit .98in / 25mm Diameter Universal Corner Rail Rods, Rails, and Rings   Price: $39.99
.98 in
.25 cm
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-Secure, stable and flexible - the Ridder corner rail. -This corner rail by Ridder not only blends seamlessly into your bathroom, but it also impresses with its stability and easy assembly. -With its maximum length of 170 x 90 cm, this corner bar perfectly fits any shower or bathtub, preventing water escaping. Your floor will stay dry, preventing slipping. This corner rail is made from high-quality, pressed aluminum. -The aluminum tubes can be shortened as needed any time. With its diameter of 25 mm, this corner rail offers perfect stability and secure hold. -Experience a smoothly-gliding shower curtain with Ridder shower curtain rings, so you can open and close the curtain on the smooth corner rail with ease. -It is very simple to assemble - all you need to do is fasten 3 dowels to the wall for each rail. This corner rail can easily be cleaned using standard cleaning fluids, and is free from known harmful substances. -The corner rail can be removed at any time without needing to loosen the screws beforehand -Rod material: Metal. Non corrosive aluminum finish and .98in / 25mm in diameter -All the hardware parts are included -Can be created to one of 3 configurations including a "U" shape and two "L" shape options one for a shower stall or one for a standard tub. -We recommend you to get a ceiling support rod from the same seller, which is sold separately.
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