Freddy Kids PVC Free Shower Curtain

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12 Eyelets
Price: $14.99
70.9x78.7 in
180x200 cm

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Freddy Shower Curtain

This lightweight plastic PVC free shower curtain is designed and produced by well-known German brand Kleine Wolke, established in 1968, and is backed by their quality guarantee and features the following:
  • Freddy the fish and his friends are swimming around with life preservers and snorkeling gear. All the fish are a dark and light navy blue tones with red and white preservers. The shower curtain background is a solid white.
  • 12 reinforced eyelets
  • Environmentally friendly, non toxic, waterproof, lightweight plastic PEVA - pvc free, non vinyl, non chlorine based product
  • No liner necessary
  • Easy care hand wash in warm water with mild detergent and hang dry

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