Shower Curtain Clips

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Shower Curtain Clips
2 per pkg
Price: $6.99
1.5x1.5 in
3.8x3.8 cm

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Shower Curtain Clips

  • Tired of pulling the shower curtain shut only to have it pull away from the opposite wall. These German designed and produced clips are the answer.

  • Whether you need to keep the curtain in place or keep water inside the tub / shower these unique clips are the ticket.

  • No tools necessary. Super strength adhesive tape on the back of the clips makes it easy to attach to your wall or tile.

  • Simply peel off the covering on the tape and press in place on a clean, dry surface and you are in business.

  • The clips simply work like a clam shell. Pop open and the mouth of the clip opens and insert shower curtain.

  • The clips will NOT snag your shower curtain and they are very durable and designed for long term use.

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