Wednesday February 05, 2014

Make your Kids Want to Shower with Cute and Fun Shower Curtains

It’s difficult enough trying to get those little darlings to take a bath, never mind a shower. So why not turn the whole showering experience into more of a treat for children by hanging a funky and fun shower curtain for them look at?

You could even make up stories about it for them if the cute kids shower curtain design has characters – whether human, animal or marine life (let’s face it, it beats reading the same book to them over and over).

Fun kids shower curtains

Just think about all the antics this cute naughty looking puppy could be up to. And which princess is going to come along and be sweet enough to pucker up and kiss this little green fellow so he can return to his royal status?

 cute kids bathroom shower curtain

Who is the boss of this underwater kingdom do you think? See – the possibilities for shower time stories is endless.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic options

Here at Vita Futura we understand that fun kids shower curtains are all very well, but they have to come with safety in mind too. All our kids shower curtains are PVC-free. In case you’re wondering, PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride or vinyl) is the most toxic plastic around.

Obviously we don’t want to cause undue alarm but its well worth noting that studies have shown just one single shower curtain can actually release up to 108 volatile organic chemicals into the atmosphere. And some of these can be nasty, resulting in potential liver damage, nervous system problems and even developmental damage according to a report by the world Centre for Health, Organization and Justice.

It’s definitely a substance you want to stay away from; especially where kids are involved.

Cute kids shower curtains

But back to happier times and our cute kids shower curtain range. One of our personal favorites is Freddy Fish and his gang who definitely all look as if they’re swimming around with purpose. Some of the team are wearing life preservers too so if you’re trying to teach your little ones to swim right now they’ll instantly warm to their underwater shower curtain friends.

We also love the Waterworld shower curtain for kids because the characters are just so cute. In fact, this could easily qualify as a shower curtain for adults too. And how cute are these ducks? These are in our polyester fabric shower curtains range and are again non-toxic so suitable for both kids and adults.

Cool shower curtains

Shower curtains shouldn’t just be cute, they should also be cool. Step forward the Tropical Reef shower curtain. Or how about the stunning Dolphin shower curtain? We can’t think of any kids who wouldn’t love this curtain on site. And adults will be fascinated too. In fact, we bet anyone who goes into the bathroom just has to have a close-up peek when no one is around.

kids shower curtain


Just think, these unique shower curtains are so cool and cute you might even have your little ones approach you insisting that they take a shower.

Now wouldn’t that be a bit of a hallelujah moment?


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