Thursday September 25, 2014

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Toilet rugs are a great way of jazzing up the look of your bathroom, especially if the room isn’t particularly large to begin with.

Toilet carpets (also known as contour or pedestal rugs) come in such an amazing array of colors and designs these days that you’re more or less guaranteed to find something that’s going to appeal to you and fit with the rest of your bathroom décor first time. And if you’ve fallen in love with a particular rug but it doesn’t match the rest of your bathroom well, why not change your décor around, starting with the rug and just buy a few matching accessories for a coordinated and smart look?

Sizing your toilet rugs

Depending on the size of your bathroom, having two rugs (i.e., a small one in front of the vanity and another around the toilet bowl) can look a bit untidy and still leave a large expanse of cold tile that’s going to catch you off guard when you’re not concentrating, resulting in an unwelcome jolt of cold on those feet of yours. Either that or the rugs are going to overlap, causing them to double up at parts which, for those of us of rather clumsy in nature is, of course, an accident just waiting to happen (and how embarrassing to have to admit that the reason your arm is in a cast is because you tripped over the bathroom rug!).

In this type of scenario we recommend buying just the one medium sized rug.  The medium rug size across our collection is approximately 21.5in x 25.5in.  This is essentially a toilet rug / contour rug WITHOUT the ‘U’ shaped cutout.

Our medium rugs are perfect if you want a bit more rug to live in front of the toilet bowl.  Toilet rugs depending on their size can get bit lost under the bowl.

Medium rugs can be placed where you would like and are perfect for situations where the toilet is directly across from a sink.  So no need for two rugs because one medium rug serves a dual purpose, keeping your toes comfortable when you’re on the toilet and when you are in front of the sink.  Making this also a nice money saving tip.

If you like a rug to fit around the pedestal of the toilet then there’s an option there too with our contour pedestal rugs. These have a ‘U’ shape cutout to cuddle up next to the pedestal of your toilet. And you can rest assure the rug is going to remain in exactly the same position too since it has a handy non-slip back.

And they don’t have to be standard square shaped either. Oval rugs can add interest to a rectangular shaped bathroom, and soften those hard perpendicular lines, while round rugs can add a bit of fun and glamour.

Soft under your feet

The main reason most of us invest in a bathroom rug is for the sake of our feet. No one relishes the thought of walking onto frozen cold tiles first thing in the morning (unless you live in the tropics and even then it might just be too much of a rude awakening from the world of sleep). But, put down a rug and there is nothing better than your toes sinking into some soft fabric first thing, which feels all warm, cozy and just right.

Here at Vita Futura we have rugs in all sorts of materials such as organic cotton, bamboo (which provides an incredibly soft and luxurious feel), microfiber and easy to wash polyacrylic so that dropped lotions or other unexpected stains simply wipe out with some water and very little effort on your part.

The case against rugs

Some people don’t like rugs in a bathroom because they feel they end up with too many spills on them. Granted, you’re dealing with a lot of liquids in there such as shampoo and body lotion, etc. But provided you have an easy clean rug that you can just pop into the washing machine every month or so, therefore you really don’t need to worry on this point

Another reason for people going against rugs in a bathroom is if there’s someone with a disability in the house. In this instance get a smaller toilet carpet that you can just hang over the bath when you’re done. That way able-bodied members of the household will still be able to appreciate that welcoming warm toes sensation first thing in the morning.

How are you managing with your bathroom rugs? If it’s time for a change why not take a look through our wide selection today?

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