Wednesday November 27, 2013

How NOT to Let Sloped Ceilings Drive You Up the Wall

install shower rod on sloped or angled wallThanks to the disaster of the real estate market in recent years, more and more of us have been doing home remodeling rather than moving to bigger homes. Much of this DIY and re-modeling has involved turning former large walk-in closets or attic spaces into additional or super en-suite bathrooms.

So far so good. But often re-designing a room brings up its own set of difficulties. And, it’s often a problem which is shared by owners of new construction homes too, especially condos. What are we talking about? Shower rods – particularly when it comes to installing them on angled or sloped walls.

As you’ve no doubt discovered if you’re in the middle of remodeling of an attic room, it ain’t easy trying to get an ordinary shower rod onto a 45 degrees sloping wall.

And just to make it even trickier if both walls are sloped, cue self-inflicted hair pulling and big red angry faces (thankfully this behavior has usually stopped by the time clients approach us).

Common questions surrounding shower rods and angled walls

Q  Do I need two angled wall mounts. What I mean is do I have to purchase one for each end of the shower rod?

A   No, one will do the trick UNLESS both the walls are sloped

Q  Can I use a fixed length shower rod?

A  Yes, as long as the fixed shower rod is not bigger than one inch in diameter.  However, our angled wall mounts work GREAT with our tension spring rods.

What is a shower rod angled wall mount?

A shower rod angled wall mount is a multi-position ball joint mount and is such a dream to set up and no, it’s not expensive either ($14.99). Think how much you’d be saving on blood pressure medication!

The shower rod angled wall mount is made up of a wall mount with ball joint and receiving cup (it’ll also have a wall anchor, wall anchor screw and angled wall mount) and a multi-position ball joint which is great for extreme angles (ie 45 degrees).

There, that doesn’t look too difficult to install does it? It’s not – and boy will it be worth the sense of satisfaction when you finally get into that shower without the rod falling on your head.

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