Relax Bath Rugs

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Polar white plush bathroom rug
polar white [+]
soft grey bathroom rugs
grey [+]
beautiful champagne beige plush
bathroom rug
champagne [+]
soft walnut brown bathroom carpet
walnut [+]
deep beautiful espresso bath rugs
espresso [+]
rust orange bathroom rugs
available in extra large sizes
rust [+]
dark peach orange rugs are hard to find
but we have them in plush
extra large sizes
dark peach
* limited quantity * [+]
dusty rose bath rugs
old rose [+]
deep dark ruby red bath carpets
ruby red [+]
tomato red orange beautiful thick
bathroom rugs
tomato [+]
bold golden yellow hard to find quality bath rugs
golden yellow [+]
you will find spring green rugs
here at Vita Futura high pile and plush
spring green [+]
turquoise blue green bath rugs
turquoise [+]
soft medium tone blue plush bath rugs
azure blue [+]
deep dark atlantic blue bathroom rugs
atlantic blue [+]
beautiful purple lavender rugs for your bath
* limited quantity * [+]
deep bold purple plush carpet for 
your bath availalbe in extra large sizes
eggplant [+]
deep rich dark grey bath rugs with slight blue cast really beautiful
anthracite grey [+]
black bathroom rugs
black [+]

taupe [+]

ecru [+]
kiwi green, grassy green with hint of yellow bath rug
kiwi green [+]

pacific blue [+]

magenta [+]

denim blue [+]

* limited quantity * [+]
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Contour / Pedestal Rug
21.7 x 21.7in
Price: $49.99
21.7 x 21.7 in
55 x 55 cm

Medium Bath Rug
21.7 x 25.6in
Price: $64.99
21.7 x 25.6 in
55 x 65 cm

Large Bath Rug
23.6 x 39.4in
Price: $89.99
23.6 x 39.4 in
60 x 100 cm

Extra Large Bath Rug
27.6 x 47.2in
Price: $109.99
27.6 x 47.2 in
70 x 120 cm

Extra Large Bath Rug
33.5 x 59.1in
Price: $159.99
33.5 x 59.1 in
85 x 150 cm

Lid Cover
18.5 x 19.7in
Price: $32.99
18.5 x 19.7 in
47 x 50 cm

Large Round Bath Rug
width: 31.5in
Price: $94.99
width: 31.5 in
width: 80 cm

Extra Large Round Bath Rug
width: 39.4in
Price: $124.99
width: 39.4 in
width: 100 cm

Half Round Bath Rug
half round bath rug
Price: $59.99
19.7 x 31.5 in
50 x 80 cm

Oval Contour / Pedestal Rug
21.7 x 21.7in
Price: $49.99
21.7 x 21.7 in
55 x 55 cm

Medium Oval Bath Rug
21.7 x 25.6in
Price: $64.99
21.7 x 25.6 in
55 x 65 cm

Large Oval Bath Rug
23.6 x 39.4in
Price: $89.99
23.6 x 39.4 in
60 x 100 cm

Extra Large Oval Bath Rug
27.6 x 47.2in
Price: $109.99
27.6 x 47.2 in
70 x 120 cm

Coordinated Families

Product Details

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Relax Bath Rug

  • Very plush high pile rug 30mm / 1.18in. Made from long wearing and durable polyacrylic which has a soft wool like feel.

  • Available in rectangular, round and oval / oblong shapes

  • This densely woven rug is produced using mingled thread colors giving this design depth and dimension. For example the Atlantic Blue has two blue color threads which gives the Atlantic Blue Relax rug a deep rich look.

  • Unique non slip backing. See non slip backing details below.

  • Machine wash and dry. See rug care details below.

  • Designed and produced in Germany

Standard Production Sizes:
  • On this page you will find all the standard production sizes. The custom options are found on the Relax Custom Rug page.

  • You can find the custom Relax by typing the word CUSTOM in the search box in the upper left hand corner of our site OR by selecting CUSTOM in the BY SIZE drop down menu in the main rug section.

Color Samples:
  • Sample OPTIONS: 2 FREE color samples OR 4 FREE half samples.

  • Samples are sent free via First Class mail to any destination in the U.S.

  • The samples represent the color, backing, edging and pile height/density of an actual production rug.

  • To ORDER SAMPLES you can call us TOLL FREE at 1-800-895-2116 OR email us at and provide your mailing address and color selections.

Color Options and Descriptions:
  • Polar White: Plush snow white color option.

  • Champagne: Beautiful light beige tone. The Relax design is a mingled thread rug so there are two color threads for each color option giving it depth and added beauty. One color in the Champagne is a very light beige tone and the second color thread is a a medium tone beige.

  • Walnut: Soft medium tone brown. A true soft brown tone.

  • Espresso: Truly an espresso bean brown.

  • Rust: Rusty orange. Perfect to add a earthy tone punch of color to your bathroom.

  • Dark Peach: Our peach tones are orange peach. This peach is no exception. This is a dark peach option.

  • Old Rose: Dusty pink rose is the best way to describe this color.

  • Ruby Red: Deep dark true red tone.

  • Tomato: Bold and beautiful. This red orange mingled color rug is absolutely striking.

  • Golden Yellow: The golden yellow tone of this rug will brighten up any space. This is truly a golden yellow color.

  • Spring Green: A yellow green color that is perfect for a young adult or any age.

  • Turquoise: This blue green turquoise rug is just beautful.

  • Azure Blue: Soft medium tone blue.

  • Atlantic Blue: Deep rich blue tone bathroom rug.

  • Lavender: Light soft purple tone.

  • Eggplant: Deep bold earthy eggplant purple tone.

  • Anthracite Grey: Unique deep grey tone with a blue cast making this a dark cool tone grey. A perfectly bold accent for your bathroom.

  • Black: Deep dark beautiful black tone bath rug.

  • Kiwi Green: Grassy green with a hint of yellow.

  • Pacific Blue: Deep bright blue with a hint of green.

  • Magenta: Deep beautiful rich dark pink / purple.

  • Ecru: A very interesting color. A very, very light taupe.

  • Taupe: Beautiful brownish grey color.

  • Denim Blue: Jeans blue. Mingled medium blue and dark blue thread colors.

  • Coral: What a unique bath rug color of pink / orange.

Elongated Lid Cover:
  • Relax elongated lid covers are a mingled color and coordinate with each rug swatch.
  • If your elongated lid is at least 17 inches long and no more than 18.5 inches long our elongated lid covers will work for you. They have a drawstring design allowing the lid cover to conform to your toilet lid.

Rug Fiber Qualities:
  • Exceptionally soft, polyacrylic yarn
  • Good warmth retention
  • Mildew proof
  • Very durable
  • Easy care polyacrylic yarn

Unique Non Slip Backing:
  • Non slip clear latex applied to woven rug backing
  • Durable, resilient backing, resistant to cracking from washing and regular care
  • Unique latex application process provides non slip properties on most surfaces

Rug Care:
  • Easy care cleans very well
  • Machine wash warm 86F 30C, using colorfast, mild action detergent
  • Hang or tumble dry
  • Do not iron, bleach or dry clean

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