Shower Curtain Hook Free Rods

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ceiling support

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Hook Free Corner Rod Shower Stall
  Price: $74.99
35.4 x 35.4 in
90 x 90 cm
Hook Free Stall Width
Tension Spring Rod
  Price: $46.99
29.5 to 49.2 in
75 to 125 cm
Hook Free Corner Rod Tub
  Price: $89.99
29.5 x 66.9 in
75 x 170 cm
Spare Gliders for Hook-Free Rods
(5 Gliders per Pack)
  Price: $9.99
Ceiling Support
for Hook Free Corner Rod
  Price: $26.99
23.6 in
60 cm

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Product Details

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Hook Free Corner Rods
and Tension Rod

This non corrosive aluminum hook free rod is designed and produced in Germany available in Tub and Stall sizes

Can I cut the hook free corner rod to size?
Yes. You may cut both the rod and the ceiling rod fixture to fit your dimensions. Ceiling rod sold separately.

How many gliders are in the track of the tub and stall hook free corner rod?
Tub hook free corner rod 16 gliders perfect for the extra wide 16 eyelet shower curtains which you can find here at Vita Futura

Stall hook free corner rod 12 gliders for a standard width shower curtain with 12 eyelets we have over 80 designs to choose from

Will the shower curtain travel freely around the corner rod?
Yes. Your shower curtain will travel completely around the hook free corner rod. This is also true if you are using the ceiling fixture.

How do I attach a shower curtain to the hook free rod?
There are gliders inside a track on the back side of the rod. Simply press the eyelets of your shower curtain onto the gliders. Most shower curtains with non metal grommets will work. Button holes for eyelets tend to come off. We have a customer who solved this by purchasing nylon washers with a 1/4 inch hole. They snapped right over the glider and held the button hold shower curtain in place.

Can you fit both a liner and shower curtain over the gliders?
Yes, there is room for both a liner and shower curtain to fit over the gliders and stay on during opening and closing.

How does the hook free corner rod attach to the ceiling and the wall?
The end of the corner rod and ceiling rod have white end caps that are attached using the included drywall anchors and screws. You cannot see the anchors or screws once the rod is installed.

Do I need a special shower curtain for the hook free corner rod?
No. Most extra wide 16 eyelets shower curtain with non metal grommets will work for the tub corner rod configuration OR a standard 12 eyelets shower curtain for the stall size corner rod.

Does the hook free corner rod allow for multiple configurations?
You have the option of a corner rod to enclose a standard tub or a corner rod to enclose a shower stall. One hookfree corner rod one configuration. The only exception is the corner rod can be cut to fit specific length / width of the area you would like to enclose.

Hook Free Tension Spring Rod
  • No hardware required this rod has spring loaded tension
  • Pull straight out to extend do not twist
  • Extend approximately 1in wider than opening for a snug fit
  • Standard reinforced eyelet shower curtains or plastic eyelet shower curtains work well with any of the hook free rod products.
  • There are 12 gliders in the track on the backside of the stall and tub size hook free tension rod.
  • If overextended you can reload tension by pulling it completely apart and sliding the smaller diameter piece into the larger diameter piece.

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